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Our Story

When I was a child, I always dreamed of becoming a designer. Later, after graduating Architectural Design and Draft college, I found a new vision that became my future career. In 2003 I officially opened the door to the Atelier. 17 years later, and Atelier Stella has become one of the most prestigious and best-known fashion studios in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Why choose our Atelier?

  • We don’t make clothes — we make one-of-a-kind, exclusive masterpieces.
  • We work with existing couture pieces and customize them.
  • Our clients are the most successful people in America.
  • Their time is important. That is why we meet them where they are — at their hotel rooms, homes, and offices.
  • From Beverly Hills to New York to right here in San Francisco, we work with top boutiques and stylists around the country.
  • It took years to build our team and to find the top masters of their craft. They source the finest supplies from around the world. Only the best thread, scissors, and buttons will do.
  • Our dresses go to the most prestigious events in the world — to the Oscars, the Met Gala, dinners with Valentino in Paris…
  • We are pleased to welcome you into our Atelier and to create something special for you.

Companies we work with

Our experience collaborating with world-famous fashion designers and agencies for runway and events shows in all of our work.

What Clients Say

I’ve worked with Stella for a number of years and she provides high quality service at very reasonable prices. I can always trust her with my clothes. She’s the best!

Beatrice P.

Atelier Stella is my go-to when I need alterations for couture and designer pieces. Her workmanship is immaculate! From Zac Posen gowns (straight off the runway) to Celine blazers, she’s got me covered. She’s the only person I trust to handle these delicate pieces.

Songya K.

Stella, big thank you for designing and making for me the most beautiful wedding dress. It was absolutely perfect and made me feel chic, glamorous and incredibly stylish. It fully represents the fashion of 50’s. People were really taken by it! Thank you for all of your hard work and making it in such a short time!

Angelina F.

Thank you for making my dress perfect.

Mary Beth

I’m thrilled to have found Stella via a recommendation from a very prestigious client. Stella not only pays attention to detail but is very thorough & can alter virtually anything with a quick turnaround. She is very professional and reliable. All of the Elizabeth Charles staff & numerous clients have been more than satisfied with her work. I recommend her to all my clients for the quality of service and fair price she charges. Moreover, she is a wonderful person.

Christine L., Manager at Elizabeth Charles San Francisco

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